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Our Services in Sharjah

Our Services in Sharjah are a full cycle of works - whether it be architecture or interior design, the eventual result is the object, which is ready to move in. Architectural company Luxury Antonovich Design develops all the necessary project documentation: architectural, engineering, interior sections. We have specialists who are responsible for each section. Our projects are distinguished by the visualizations of high quality and detailed drawing elaboration. We help to obtain approvals required for permission to carry out the construction works.

According to the status of project, we make a detailed estimate for construction works, rough materials, finishing materials and engineering procurement with furniture, lighting fixtures, and plumbing fixtures.

After the confirmation of the estimates, we make a detailed schedule of the construction works, engineering procurement and round of funding.

We accomplish the function of the customer on the site - provide well-timed and high-quality performance of construction works, the interoperating of subcontractors and the supply of materials. In order to do this, the construction managers, project manager, architect who is realizing a supervision, specialist, and senior technical supervision over the quality of work performance, are set for each object. We welcome the presence of the customer`s representative on the site, who is controlling our work. Upon completion, we give our client all as-built drawings, and also provide the warranty service.


  • geological surveys, topo survey, tree survey;
  • conceptual design, general outlay, planning concept, sketches of facades, visualization;
  • Development of the working documentation of the stages AR (architectural solutions, facades, plans, sections, units), CS (construction solutions: foundations, floor slabs, staircase, rooftop, constructive plans and units);
  • Development of the working documentation of the stages: HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), WC (water supply, sewage), M&E (mechanical and electrical system), WS (weak currents), - plans, conceptual schemas, units, equipment specification.


  • plan solution and stylistic conception (visualization of the one of the main zones of the object), the visualization of all the premises of the object, not including the technical rooms(laundry rooms, dressing rooms, boiler-rooms, etc...);
  • creation of the interior design, including all the necessary drawings, specification of the used finishing materials, with an indication of their number, a list of plumbing, furniture, decorative and technical lighting, detailed drawings of individual authors items: jointer`s shop, stucco, stone, etc;
  • making-out of an estimate for construction and finishing works, finishing materials and a full complete set of the object.

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