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Architect in Sharjah from Luxury Antonovich Design is the ideal implementation of any dream: premium villa, luxury hotel or an impressive restaurant project. It is more than possible with Luxury Antonovich Design. An architectural designer`s engineering is the beginning of an interesting stage in the life, in which our entire creative team take part, focusing on an achievement of high results at each working stage. We have put together the qualified professionals of different professions: architects, engineers, designers, each of whom is proud to contribute to it, in order to create an exclusive building or stylish interior.


The synergy in the work, an individual approach to the customers, and a detailed workup of each element are an architectural Architect in Sharjah from Luxury Antonovich Design. Our architectural studio offers its customers a wide range of services, namely architectural designing of individual residential houses and country houses, public buildings, the development of architectural concepts, design of apartments and public interiors, the designing of swimming pools, SPA complexes, an author's supervision and project management, turn-key construction, the organization of construction, finishing and restoration works, the designing and reconstruction of facades, landscaping.

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