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Majlis design in Ajman which we offer our customers becomes the best reflection of oriental hospitality traditions. We will create for you a luxurious interior which will be unique in its beauty. And each guest will feel cozy and comfortable in it. Luxurious Majlis Interior in Ajman embodies the combination of new technologies and traditions. A creative solutions of interior designers will become the basis of the unique beauty of one of the main rooms in the house.

Majlis design in Ajman from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio, it is a luxurious images in different styles with the use of the best materials. We offer to our valued customers  the furniture and decor from the best worldwide manufacturers. An unique beauty of textile design becomes the part of each project Majlis interior. Only the best fabrics and original solutions Ajman interior designers. We create comfortable, functional and luxurious interiors of Majlis.