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Our Services in Ajman

The architectural bureau Luxury Antonovich Design provides a full range of services for the design of objects, interior design and their support during implementation. More than 100 projects of different scale were made during the existence of the company: private residential house, design of private and commercial interiors, objects of residential and commercial property, reconstruction.

Our Services in Ajman are:

  • Architectural design
  • Landscaping
  • The interior design of villas
  • Design of public interiors
  • Delivery of furniture and materials
  • Assistance in selection
  • Curtain design

The perfect home is the basis of life, not only physically, but also it is what gives happiness and creates a special comfort. Our Services in Ajman from Luxury Antonovich Design is a very responsible process, there are no small points, everything is important - the wishes of the customer and peculiarities of the section, the plan drawing and the calculation of constructions, the selection of materials and modern technologies.

The internal nobility is a prerequisite for a full life. The philosophy of the interior design is obvious: to give a feeling of pleasure, balance and stability. The palette of modern building materials creates a sense of permissiveness. Yes! Everything is possible, if guided by intelligence, taste and sense of proportion. Our Services in Ajman from Luxury Antonovich Design is the mutual trust and understanding of the customers and the performers.

Harmony in the architecture is the removal of contradictions between the people in the ocean of society. The basis of healthy urban development has proportionality and rationality in the construction of the composition. The working drawings project with the necessary documentation for multistoried housing, hotel complex or business center is the result of teamwork of architects, engineers and a number of components of suppliers. Ability to work in a team, to implement quickly and precisely the problems is the standard of our time.

Designing the public interiors, all design techniques used for the decoration of the premises should be aimed at creating the necessary atmosphere, which is corresponding with function of the unit. The main task while working on a project is to achieve harmony in the interior, because each person has his/her own idea about comfort and convenience.

Architectural bureau Luxury Antonovich Design works not only with individual orders, but also offers the architectural building design of the social meaning in Ajman. We take into account all factors and functions of a particular institution.

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