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Sauna Design Karachi

Sauna Design Karachi

Sauna Lounge is a place that`s yours and yours alone, A place to be at one with yourself and leave behind. Welcome to your personal wellness lounge. Your total relaxation is our priority, and one factor is the most important for us it is: fine design. With that, your eyes need to relax too. In fact, we make sure the the details give you a feast for all your senses while you`re in the Sauna. A sauna lounge is an exquisite shower room, sauna room and steam bathroom. The "heart" of the sauna is the heater. The wise choice of a heater model and its control options will create a large impact for your overall sauna design.

We maximize the usage of bench space and minimize floor space. This creates more efficiency to the sauna. A sauna plan should include space for both a lower bench and an upper bench. To allow every individual to sit comfortably in the sauna room.

The room is made of expensive wood that can hold up to steam and will not be damaged. It can hold up the steam and moist and still will look elegant.  

Luxury Antonovich Design has been dedicated to it's work of art, passion combined with luxurious skills for 15 years now and we still continue to create master pieces. We never get tired of creating wonderful unique designs. We have elegant and practical designs that is perfect for you and your family. 

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