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Modern Bedroom Pakistan

 Modern Bedroom for Pakistan

Modern homes can be seen from all parts of the world. Modern and contemporary is the latest trend now with architecture, creating a simple and minimalistic look.  We at Luxury Antonovich Designs make sure that we also innovate our designs.  We create a mixture of traditional architecture with the modern designs. We have a flexible team that can adjust to our clients needs and wants. The sophistication is one of the characteristics of a modern bedroom. It should also reflect the personality of the person. Modern bedroom designs tends to be simpler. It has less details and more on bold accents. Since it is modern, it only has the essential things inside it. The simpler the better. It can have paintings and murals on it’s walls.  

There is warmth with modern designing, it gives that fresh feeling of a room. Our room designs are fully finctional providing a study/office desk. A hangin storage. Huge windows will allow enough lighting to enter the room. There are so many choices to choose from for the modern design. The Antonovich team can never go wrong with their timeless combinations of colors and accents. The blue design in this room soothes the eyes. It also gives that acquatic image, as if you really are at a beach. A desk is placed accross the bed for an easy access home office. There is also a dresser that gives an accent to the room. A fully functional bedroom that will definitely make you feel relaxed and at ease.  

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