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Modern House Design

Modern House Design

The stunning modern architecture that Luxury Antonovich Design builds is structured and symmetrical. Flat top roofing and a more quadratic look modern designs reflects simplicity and a more precised detail. With flat surfaces the design gives the house a more masculine effect. To balance it Luxury Antonovich Design paints it with nice tan and creamy hues. They also use warm lightings to illuminate the look of the home. 

Even if the design is modern you can still see how they have incorporated the luxurious design. With proper proportions, tones, and a more simple design, Luxury Antonovich Design has proved that simplicity can be beautiful. The Exterior it self gives that polished look of the house. There is also an incredible amenities within the home. 

A dipping pool where you can dive in on warmer days. 

A poolside bed where you can lounge arond after a swim.

A lounging area / outdoor dining

·        •  A well landscaped front yard that leads to the main door

The modern designed house reflects simplicity and it’s true beauty. The Luxury Antonovich Design has aimed good quality constructions. The phenomenal design has topped the market and is leading the brand to become the most wanted architecture firm in the east. 

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