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To owners of luxurious real estate in Mecca is important not only the appearance of home or cottage, but also the interior design of the house. In Mecca or elsewhere - it does not matter the place location of the cottage. The main thing - it's a feeling that it will give to its owner. Creating an interior design project and exterior of the house we are starting at the stage of construction planning.

Ordering Villa design in Mecca from our company - is:

  • The unity of style decisions. Years of experience will help designers to develop a plan, by its implementation is possible to achieve the maximum matching of the style and nature of the internal and external appearance of a building.
  • Selection of high-quality materials and decorative components. Our employees at the stage of planning and designing of houses will contribute to the "natural" relation of the interior to the exterior and vice versa.
  • Custom solutions
  • Individual approach.
  • Our experts are engaged in any directions in interior design, from interior decoration and creation of decorative elements to the redevelopment of walls, partitions, communications.

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