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Mecca (Makkah)

Our Service in Mecca is a full range of services from the sketch to the project, supervision, selection of the specialists of furniture and equipment, as well as decor items and building materials. We provide a full range of services in the field of interior design and architecture. Any degree of difficulty, from the repair of apartments to the large design and construction works will be carried out efficiently and at the highest level. From the concept development, sketches, we develop a full working project, choose materials, work with contractors, and conduct a supervision. Starting from the idea of ​​a pencil, we turn the project into reality.


First, we need to make a detailed technical design together with the customer, reflecting the number of work places, the number of groups and divisions, and their hierarchy, an expected number of visitors, the demand of the Management Company, etc. It is also necessary to determine the future of engineering systems: ventilation and air conditioning, the method of installation of electrical equipment. After a design assignment is made, we perform the detailed measurements of the premises with the analysis of structural and engineering features of the building. The stylistic preferences is discussed at the first meeting with the customer, as well as references and prototypes are selected for the specification. After that, we prepare the several options for the future interior layout. After several iterations, when the customer is completely satisfied with the plan, we perform the 3D visualization of one or two key premises to determine how we will move forward.

Draft Design

At this stage, we are working over every room, think through the architecture and color scheme, develop the lighting design scenarios, and select an appropriate style for furniture. The detailed 3D model is made for each room. On request, we can even assemble an interactive model of the interiors, which allows to walk through all the rooms, looking around every corner. We work until the customer will be satisfied.

Working draft

After that, we took shape with the visual part and the customer had the complete visual understanding of the future interior, we begin to work on the detailed design. This is a set of drawings, by which the builders will use, embodying all our plans into practice. Working on the working draft we do the calculations of light fixtures to determine the amount of required lighting, we count the areas of ​​all finishing materials that will be needed by the purchase of materials, work with the contiguous organizations, which are working on engineering systems. We produce drawings and diagrams for all individual products.

Author supervision

At this stage, we select all finishing materials, furniture, light fixtures, sanitary equipment and other necessary items. We also find suppliers and form the task for them. In addition, we are monitoring the compliance with the project of the construction and installation work during the repair. We make the necessary amendments to the design project.

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