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Turnkey interior Mecca by Luxury Antonovich Design it is all stages of work, starting with the sketches development to the finished interior design of an entire room or apartment as a whole. Thus at the stage of thinking through design, specialists operate on the following plan: Working on sketches development; Development of the functional schemes; Drawing of interior components; Thinking through décor elements. All this is essential to the final room decor, to effectively cope with its main goal, with the mission.

If this a working cabinet - it has to add to working process harmony, to represent the owner of the apartment in a respectable and respectable light, to help in productive thinking. When it comes to the living room, the design turnkey project should aim at creating a calm, peaceful, friendly atmosphere for a close and comfortable communication. Turnkey interior Mecca by Luxury Antonovich Design - is not only decorating of premises.

  • We are pleased to perform for you:
  • Architectural design;
  • Architectural control;
  • Design of residential, office and commercial premises;
  • Design project facade (exterior);
  • Landscape design.


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