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Majlis - the perfect place where you can not only to host guests but also discuss the latest news with the family, as well as delve into reading. Majlis design in Mass is a common room, and all members of the household there are equally often. Moreover, how it is possible better emphasize the status of the family if not with help of Majlis interior, in this section photos of different options are available. The design should blend in perfectly with the furniture and accessories, which in turn are selected considering needs and tastes of all family members.

Majlis design in Mecca from Luxury Antonovich Design is comfortable, and most importantly functional rooms, in some cases combined even with working cabinet. Here luxurious furnishings which are placed around the perimeter of the walls, and a variety of lighting devices, carpets, coffee tables, plenty of convenient hinged shelves - all this does not overflow a room, and on the other hand, creates a sense of comfort. And of course, Majlis interiors are not possible without large comfortable sofas, on which the whole family to spend time at a pleasant holiday.

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