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Layout design in Mecca from Luxury Antonovich Design will allow creating a home, which is entirely consistent with your wishes and needs. Layout design in Mecca - a joint work of customers and designers with the task, the solution of which is a common goal. The customer participates, oversees and monitors the entire process of creating a project of the future house, and the most important task of the Designer is the coordination of the customer's requirements with the technical normative legal acts, the existing nomenclature of building designs and materials, as well as the technology of building production.

Layout design in Mecca - is the development of plans and activities to achieve the desired result in the construction of their own nest, ie, conceived procedure (algorithm) by which the Contractor will carry out works on the construction as soon as possible, in accordance with accepted standards, but always taking into account cost-effectiveness for the customer side. During the construction of each house, a project thought out from foundation to roof. Project home - is the initial stage, an important part of the scheme, a map, a plan in the difficult path to gaining own house. In today's dynamically developing world, the well-designed project ensures the creation of economically viable, safe and comfortable in use home.


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