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Architect in Mecca from Luxury Antonovich Design - a complex of measures, including a plan of implementation the sequence of a particular architectural and design solutions and the development of all necessary documentation for the construction work. There are designing individual objects and entire cottage villages, urban arrays (urban planning). Architect in Mecca by Luxury Antonovich Design - the first stage of the buildings construction both residential and non-residential types (office and warehouses, industrial areas).

The development of the architectural concept gives an overview of the scope and content of future construction (scope of work, the budget, the amount of materials used, etc.). Upon completion of this stage, the customer receives the album, which includes an explanatory note with the general characteristic of the object, is not detailed plans of premises and schematic sections, as well as the visualization of the 3D object from multiple angles. Development of design project allows you to get an idea of how will look construction built. On its basis, it is possible to calculate the estimate of the construction.

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