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Luxury House Design in Lagos


If you want your guests to be breathtaking by the brilliance of glare on luxurious chandeliers and sconces of unusual shapes when they enter your house then the Luxury Antonovich Design сompany is here for you to provide it all in the best way you can imagine. In design that is presented in this project of the entrance hall in a modern house in Lagos you can see the elements that will take your breath away:
Fantastic and majestic stairs that totally match the floristic ornament on the floor;
Monumental crystal chandelier with golden elements that will catch the attention of any person entering the room;
Beautiful ornamental floor with bright green elements in a mix with furniture perfectly complements the look of room and spread a little bit of holiday cheer;
Decorative columns that were originally selected to match with whole the space are the great accent in such decision.


For the color palette for the interior of this beautiful house design in Lagos we have chosen the shades of cocoa and cream that are always on demand. They make the atmosphere and help the house look calm and nice, but at the same time - elegant, smart and tasteful. Such solution is due to the stylistic preferences. Classic, art-deco or modern style of interior design is usually based on the beige, light brown or coffee color scheme. But when you add the accent - the bright coloristic decision, such as elements of furniture and decor, you can get the most incredible and very special. Thanks for them the space is filled with artistic and original content.


In the design of this luxurious house in Lagos there will never be a lack of light. As the hallway shows the total impression of the house, it should be always bright and most significant. That is why these beautiful high windows will make a nice and airy feel. When its twilight the crystal lush chandelier will illuminate the room in a magic and fantastic way. The presence of the modern and fashion skylight gives the whole house really royal and luxurious look. So, what makes you wait? Give us a call, and the Luxury Antonovich Design сompany will make any of your fantasy come true.

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