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Layout design in Jeddah

Layout design in Jeddah from Luxury Antonovich Design is creating a unique and completely new architectural masterpieces. Architectural studio Luxury Antonovich Design is pleased to offer you such service as an individual design of cottages. Using this service, the customer receives a unique project, which is made according to his wishes and ideas about the house of his dreams. We offer an individual approach to each client. Creation of an individual project involves close cooperation between all the professionals (design engineers, designers, architects) directly with the customer.

Thus, we are able to better understand all the needs and desires of the client and implement all the planned elements and system of construction. The staff qualified professionals, which work in the architectural studio Luxury Antonovich Design, is able to quickly organize and draw on paper all your wishes and ideas about the future construction, in a competent and accessible to builders understanding way. In addition, an outcome of an individual design of buildings will be fully accessible and understandable to the clients themselves. We give the opportunity to get acquainted with the 3D model of home, presented in a high quality, even in the early stages of work.


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