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kitchen designs Lagos

kitchen designs Lagos

Color solutions for the kitchen in the classic style

Before making kitchen designs, it is important to determine the hues that will be used. For the loft design, the achromatic colors are most often chosen, with impregnation of rust texture, red brick, wood.

White kitchen designs

A pure snow will give kitchen designs a fresh and neat appearance. In this color can be painted completely or partially the facades of the furniture, table tops, furniture in the dining area. On the walls, brickwork (or imitation) of silicate brick is often present. The ceilings in the loft design are almost always white, which makes them visually higher. In small rooms, it makes sense to apply this color and for finishing the floor.

Metallic the loft design

Metal is the most natural environment for the loft design. All shades of gray, from mirror polished steel to dark matte graphite will be appropriate in the loft design. Due to the neutrality of this color, it can be mixed in any proportions and applied to any surfaces.

Materials for kitchen designs

Flooring in the loft design

Classic loft design — this is the concrete floors that were everywhere in the shops, and neutral solid parquet, varnished or painted with enamel. But there are other variations.

Walls in kitchen designs

Brick walls an essential attribute of the loft design. In old buildings, walls are purposely freed from the plaster to see its original appearance. When mentioning industrial design, the first appear absolutely bare walls of brick (red, white, gray, black), chipped stone or concrete. They do not have to be real — imitation is quite appropriate.


In the loft-style kitchen, you can forget about the ceiling finish! Concrete slabs of flooring will perfectly fit into the overall design. If the height of the room allows, they can be supplemented with wooden beams, metal crates, fire extinguishers and ventilation pipes.

Furniture and kitchen appliances in the loft design

Furniture should be as light as possible and almost invisible. In large rooms, it will not be difficult to arrange the loft design, and the choice of textures is wider, but with the arrangement of small kitchen designs, you will have to follow certain rules to visually expand it.

A characteristic feature of the loft interior is the old wooden furniture, the same ceiling beams, and sometimes the plank floor. Non-varnished facades of the kitchen set, as well as other elements, will turn the cold industrial interior into a cozy and comfortable.

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