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house designs Lagos

house designs Lagos

House designs of cottages, house designs of mansions and residences, house designs of private villas and apartments are all presented on our website. Original and stylish, classic and modern architectural house plans with architecture drawing, layouts, facades and photographs of realized (built) houses are presented on the website of the company Luxury Antonovich Design. For more convenient viewing and selection, we divided house designs into catalogs according to their parameters and characteristics: by area, by a number of floors, by type of architectural design, by functionality and materials. Choose, order, embody your ideas with us.

Architectural house plans with the cost of construction Lagos

Surely, since there is a desire to build a house, it is important for the customer to understand what will cost the construction. To calculate the exact amount, you need an architectural design project. We have a huge selection house designs, there is an approximate cost of construction. If you want to know the cost of building send an application for calculation and within 1-4 days depending on the workload our designers will contact you. Customers who plan construction on the territory of Dubai and the UAE are served first.

House designs are developed in one or several levels, additional constructions are possible, completely different architectural design, different architectural house plans and thus selected building materials. The cost, the features of the site, the complexity of the architecture drawing itself is different. This also affects the cost. There are ready-made architectural house plans. They are suitable for small architectural design. But, when a luxury cottage is planned, individual house designs will be required, corresponding to any wishes of the owners.

Stages of house designs Lagos

The planning. To begin with, it is necessary to determine where and how all rooms will be located, this will allow you to think over the architectural design and provide maximum comfort to all the inhabitants of the house.

Architecture drawing for each room. This stage is especially important for general use premises, such as a bathroom, a dining room (or kitchen), a living room. If the architecture drawing is not drawn up at once, then you simply can not figure out how to arrange all communication connections.

Planning of water supply, sewerage, electrical wiring, ventilation, etc.

Style. If you want the architectural design of your cottage to be harmonious, then it is desirable to choose a certain style for its decoration. Next, you need to decide on the color scheme, because the hues not only set the overall atmosphere but sometimes help to change the whole space and even eliminate some disadvantages.

Lighting. It is extremely important in any case! Lamps should be placed so that all areas are illuminated, including the main elements of the house interior.

House designs are also a choice of finishing materials, as well as a competent combination of them.

Then you can choose furniture and make a project for its placement. It is advisable to do this at the initial stage so that you can immediately determine the size (otherwise you can make mistakes with dimensions and make the interior tasteless, unharmonious or cluttered).

And, finally, the final finishing touch is the decor. It is better to decide in advance what you want, or at least make architecture drawing, to be able to evaluate the project and make adjustments.

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