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Fantastic Bedroom Design

Calming Blue

Bedrooms, this is the most soothing area in your entire home. This is where homeowners relax and enjoy a little bit of serenity after a long tiring day. It is important to build a cozy atmosphere that is designed to make the bedroom a sanctuary for the homeowners. Choosing the color palette is one of the things to consider in building a cozy and comfortable bedroom. Blue, is a cool tone that reflects a calming and soothing effect. The powder blue shade in this bedroom signifies tranquility which makes the room calm. Adding a bold secondary color as an accent shade is also a great idea to add a pop of color and to be playful with the design.

Simple Classic Design

With a huge space like this, it is still important to keep things organized. The touches of powder blue and the accent of copper tone make the room look elegant without trying too hard to please everyone. Inspired by a calm environment this fantastic bedroom design is Lagos adds a fun element in the house design. The effortlessness beauty of the home makes the atmosphere light and breezy.

  • Patterns: The colors are a mix of light and bold which is a statement on its own. It might look too plain so it is a smart idea to add accent pieces with fun prints and patterns.
  • Lighting is everything: Nothing can go wrong with a good lighting, Aside from the chandelier it is also a great idea to add lamps that will add a cozy effect to your bedroom.
  • Windows and ventilation: The window is strategically placed in the middle of the room to help illuminate the room with natural sunlight and to help keep the ventilation circulating in the bedroom.
  • Classic: Emulating with the classic color combination you will notice that the bedroom is styled to be timeless and classic.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The modernity of the design and the classic color combinations used creates a dynamic bedroom design that looks timeless and effortlessly beautiful. There is no limit in designing your bedroom, but there are guidelines to follow to achieve a well designed fantastic bedroom. Playing with the old and incorporating it with the new makes an unbeatable bedroom design that is unique and functional for clients and friends. Shades of copper and chocolate are blended with this powder blues to balance the room with the different tones that set the mood right. These two naturally calming colors contribute to the comfortability of this fantastic bedroom design. The Luxury Antonovich Design firm makes sure that you will have the best bedroom design that has all the functions and the best interior for a relaxing stay every day.

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