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Contemporary Exterior design Nigeria

Exterior design Nigeria from Luxury Antonovich Design is a clear idea of its image and basic knowledge of architecture and construction. In discussing the design and development of not only need to feel the harmony of lines and of architectural styles but also guided by existing standards of construction.

The residential building could be drastically changed by changing the style, color, and architectural details. Experts of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio help to embody your dreams and create the perfect look of your home.

We know perfectly well that it is very important for the customer before work started to see the options modeled in detail on a computer or paper - and we will model and show these options.

Only after the project agreement with the client, you can start the construction works, and change the facade of the building.

The new facade of the house will hide all the defects of the walls, and new building materials are able to radically change the look of the structure, giving it an individual and stylish look.


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