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Best Architect Nigeria

Best atchitect Nigeria Katrina Antonovich

The first impression, which evolves from the contemplation of the luxurious façade of the villa in the UAE, is filled with a sense of aesthetic pleasure. It is a magnificent image of the villa exterior subtly hints at the fact that the interior is no less luxurious and beautiful. Artfully combining hues, textures, materials, decor elements and lighting methods, interior designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design create images unique in beauty and expressiveness, never repeating themselves.

And the design of the villa exterior Nigeria is different in the same luxurious and solemn manner as its interior.

The entrance portal is decorated with a staircase made of noble marble with a pleasant white shade. The snow-white shade of the facade material sets on light and festive emotions. The exterior design of the villa corresponds to the canons of modern classics with elements of oriental style. The entrance is decorated with exquisite columns with laconic capitals. Columns visually holding balcony with a small terrace. The panels under the windows are decorated with magnificent bas-reliefs. Each element of the decor, every architectural item becomes the basis of the whole image of a luxury villa. The exterior design of the villa takes into account all the wishes of the owners of the house and their love for the fresh air. The project of the house includes the presence of several outdoor terraces and also an additional building with a large terrace. The exterior design of the villa takes into account the features of the roof configurations. Smooth multi-slope roofs, which are visually hidden behind wide cornices, perfectly fit into the overall picture and give the appearance of the house a completeness.

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