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Blue was used as an accent hue in this luxurious China modern home design. Blue is a color associated with harmony and balance, as well as the great energy of nature, growth, and the desire to expand or increase. As a result, the color is widely utilized to inspire a sense of balance and order, as well as change and transition; it is also essential for both physical and psychological development and upkeep. As seen in the luxury China modern interior design, blue is widely used in modexrn interior design to create a tranquil and pleasant ambience. As a result, blue accessories and décor are appropriate. Art Deco and glamour styles are represented by them. A chandelier is the best place to start when it comes to adding shine to your room. For your luxury China modern interior design, we recommend an appealing chandelier with a touch of whimsy. We prefer one with more glass and a little of gold on the arms to one with a lot of metal, for example. This will make your dining room, living room, den, or bedroom more elegant. Yes, chandeliers arent just for dining rooms anymore—consider putting one in an unexpected location for a little extra glitter. Moderation is the key to achieving a gold tint.


Furniture in a shade of blue is another way to include a blue accent into the luxury China modern interior designs surrounds. Its no wonder that blue is a popular interior design choice because its supposed to bring balance and harmony to its surrounds. Apart from the psychology, its relationship with the outdoors, particularly in the spring and summer, makes it a great color to mix with others. This means that a splash of a different hue wont look out of place even in a monochromatic blue scheme, and its the kind of interior design that will grow with you. Blue has been used in this premium China modern interior in a variety of ways by our designers. The luxury China modern contemporary interior designs color scheme is appealing to the eye, and the ladder leading to the top stories is current and fashionable. The top and lower portions of double-height living rooms can appear fragmented, which is a common problem. The designer of Luxury Antonovich Design successfully merged the two areas with luxury pieces, resulting in a unified setting that works well with all of the many components. The warm panels go well with the rest of the rooms decor, especially the Scandinavian chairs and open windows. The windows, which work as an accent wall in and of themselves, make this luxury China modern contemporary interior design living room really attractive.


Accessories that will gently adorn the interior and arent too eye-catching are the best choices in this case. Only a few minor details are required to achieve a pleasing effect. This type of style is used in Premium Luxury Antonovich Designs luxury China modern interior design. Instead of painting the walls, our designers have brought the outside in by using natural flora and using magnificent chairs as a source of inspiration, promoting well-being, health, and mental comfort. Blue is a versatile color in terms of color coordination since it pairs well with neutrals like brown and gray, which are frequent in homes. A high ceiling will not only change your living room, but will also lend depth and dimension to the rest of your home. The entire room will open up once the section above is cleared. Using glass panels in elegant frames, the top China interior designer of Luxury Antonovich Design developed a unique and stylish accent wall that extends all the way to the ceiling. The living room appears to be larger, and the top-level windows improve the quantity of natural light in the space. The warm glow of the unusual floor lamp complements the blue lounge chair. Because of the extra space offered by the high ceiling, the designer was able to integrate an artistically mounted design.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Shanghai, China

Plot Size: 623 sq. M

Architecture / Interior Style: Modern

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