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architecture and design Lagos

Architecture and design Lagos

The architecture and design are closer than ever to nature. This paradox is caused by the desire of a person to escape from the usual urban landscapes, to surround himself with natural forms and natural materials. Modern architecture values simplicity, seeing perfection in it. Today, projects that resemble trunks of trees stretching towards the sky, or houses made of natural materials, have success. The traditional design of a private house remains as cozy and still filled with family warmth. It is not necessary to build a house, strictly adhering to the stylistic framework. It is enough that you are comfortable live in it!

The design of the house must meet your needs. For example, if you like to experiment and need constant changes, you need an interior that can be easily changed. For this purpose, a bright finish is suitable, which will act as a background for new ideas. Bright furniture, posters/pictures/photos, flashlights, flowers will bring the missing color to the interior. The use of textiles is also a great way to change the mood in the house. For people who value stability, a more elegant design of a private house is suitable. It can be made in modern classical style, Provence or country style. But in principle, each style can always be modified and upgraded, only in different ways.

What should be the house design?

In order to get the perfect house in all senses, it is necessary to create harmony between the exterior and the interior. It is like the appearance of a person and his inner world, which, in case of inconsistency, most often cause confusion. The architecture of the house, which has clear facets and forms, should correspond to the interior design in the style of minimalism or hi-tech. In any other style, the interior will look at least ridiculous. For example, imagine a modern wooden house in the form of an elongated rectangle with a flat roof. Imagine? And now imagine that when you enter this house, you see a classic interior with elegant forms. Thats why its very important at the beginning of the way to decide on the desired style and not make mistakes in combining the incompatible styles. On our website, you will find many photo designs of houses that will help you make a choice. Ready-made projects of private houses, their interior, tips for decoration, ideas for the garden and much more!

Luxury Antonovich Design engaged in the development of design projects

The features of a modern house and its specific premises in most cases is determined by the architecture, which is laid down at the design stage of the building. With the right approach to this issue, you can create not only a beautiful house or cottage but also a durable one, with an abundance of useful characteristics.

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