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Interior Design Lagos

The world of design always strives for luxury, comfort, and beauty. The company Luxury Antonovich Design offers you an amazing fairy tale - Interior Design Lagos.

Architectural engineering consultants in Lagos

Can the interior look like a fairy tale? Not only can, but sometimes just have to become the personification of a beautiful fairy tale. And here we will talk about the design of the banquet hall in one of the restaurants of Lagos. In this part of the world, everything is so beautiful and luxurious. Starting from the creations of architecture, interiors of shopping centers, luxury villas and ending with the unique beauty of the interiors of restaurants, hotels, and offices. And its so nice to realize that the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio team is the author of many beautiful interiors around the world, including the luxurious Interior Design Lagos. In this country also honor family celebrations. Yes, to be sure, the most beautiful weddings take place in Lagos. This design of the banquet hall is designed for wedding celebrations. Architectural engineering consultants in New York have created a brilliant interior, which will always be an integral part of any celebration. The architectural engineering consultants in Lagos pay much attention to the interior lighting. Crystal chandeliers waterfalls resonate with the illumination of walls through openwork ornaments. Complementing this extravaganza of beautiful lighting is the illumination of the marble steps on the podium in the center of the banquet hall. For this variant of the banquet design, architectural engineering consultants in Lagos offered a light range of shades in which pearly white predominates and it is complemented by shades of gentle blue. This helps create an atmosphere of tenderness and pure joy from happiness and love. Interior Design Lagos will be another memorable moment for all guests of the event.

Home design ideas

You can talk a lot about the fickle fashion, the impact of new technologies. But now, 2018, and we can say that for almost four centuries the most popular style remains the classic. Undoubtedly for all this time, the style has undergone certain changes and transformations. However, it retains home design ideas living room what attracts attention to this direction of the interior design of the worlds most famous and richest people, when they want to decorate their house for many generations of the family, luxuriously and stylishly. This version of the design of the living room in the classical style attracts attention with its harmony, laconic aristocracy and the charm of nobility. The interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design improvise perfectly with the features of the architectural layout of the building to create the beautiful interior of the living room with absolute comfort. The living room is divided into several zones. Thanks to a large area of space, the designers used many home design ideas living room. Near the large arched window, which is curtained with beautiful curtains in the classical style of dense golden silk with printed ornaments, there is a beautiful set of Italian upholstered furniture. Italian manufacturers have also for centuries produced furniture for classical interiors, remaining true to the principles of absolute quality and unsurpassed beauty. The most gorgeous is ceiling decor. With the help of niches, arches, gilding lines and chandeliers, interior designers highlight its main centers. Noble materials complement the aristocratic gloss of the living room interior.

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