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Amazing Nigerian Home Cinema

Everyone dreams of having a comfortable and cozy space without leaving the comfort of their homes. This is such a great idea to have however you will need a professional who is experts in developing such amenities for your home. Here in this blog, you will learn how and why it is right to choose only the best architecture and design firm for your home cinema. The Luxury Antonovich Design firm has been in this business for more than a decade and they are expert in building the best home cinema for families who wish to enjoy the movies at their own home. From the interior to the technicals the Luxury Antonovich Design firm will surely create the home cinema of your dreams.

Essentials to a great home cinema

  • Selecting the best components for your home wisely, choosing the right audio system can make or break your home cinema. Our firm will install only the best surround sound system making every sound effect feel realistic and you can clearly hear the movies.
  • Interior matters, some may think that the interior of a home theater should be the least priority. Watching your favorite movies in an elegant lazy boy chair makes the experience more comfortable and cozy for everyone.
  • The screen makes all the impact, especially for high definition movies. We make sure that the screen display is perfect that you can watch in full definition.
  • The player is strategically installed in a way that is not distracting to the guests and viewers. The whole design concept of the home theater is providing comfort and relaxation at home.

Inside a home cinema

Everything in this home cinema is placed strategically in order. Starting with the screen, it is one of the largest element that takes up more space than others. This is where the focal point should be so it should be at the center of the home. The gold borders add highlights to the screen. Across the screen is the lazy boy chairs in a luxurious beige color that contrasts the navy blue interior wall decors. These walls are stapled with surround sound making it not too visible, it is designed to blend in the background to avoid distractions and to make the interior seamless and more elegant.

Having a home cinema requires a great designer that will attend to your every need. From the smallest to the most intricate details the Luxury Antonovich Design firm will always help in every way. With their experience in smart homes and elegant architecture, your dream home cinema will definitely be a great investment for your home.

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