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Royal Design Bahrain

Luxury Interior Design and Full Fit-out Work – Bahrain

Luxury Antonovich Design has been very well known for its exceptional work in every interior design arrangement no matter what the concept design is. It has been developing different types of Luxury design interior for every residential, commercial and industrial project all over the world. As it has the in house interior design specialist and expert that has the full capacity to execute an outstanding design for every project in different style and execution. The full team came from the international expertise firms and that develops every project from the systematic procedures of planning, organizing of works up to design executions. The team has very special expertise and professionalism when it comes to different style techniques most especially in every classical interior design. The full team follows the international guidelines of architectural and interior design execution with full of creativity and hard work to achieve the most desired set up and arrangement. We have a most qualified fit-out team that contributes special techniques to be able to deliver a complete professional work design of the full project.

This Luxurious Classical Interior Design is a total reflection of great elegance and style which combined different stylish furniture design along with glamorous decorations and home accessories set up. To achieve the most classy and prestigious interior design for the classic concept, It is very important to prioritize to balance the full spaces and areas to achieve the perfect look which comes along with the fit-out work procedures. Take a look at this luxurious Interior classic sitting area and notice the perfect balance of design in the full areas by considering the sizes and style of each furniture and decorations. 

Features of Sitting Area Interior Designing

When creating these interiors, our specialists consider all the wishes of the customer. We do our best to realize your most daring ideas, and extensive experience of our designers will help you to avoid common mistakes. Each project of Sitting Area design in Bahrain, which we created, is highly individual and tailored to the characteristics of the room.

Distinctive features of the Luxury Style in Interior Design:

1. The richness of detail and complexity of the forms. Every decorative element in Luxury style is a work of art.

2. Tassels on pillows, gold thread embroidery in a complex, intricate pattern. The interior itself consists of a huge number of small details.

3. Interior Designers use a great variety of materials: heavy curtains and bedspreads embroidered with Golden threads, drapery and pillows made of silk         and velvet texture

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