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Relaxing bathroom interior


The bathroom is the place where every new day begins and ends. And you will agree that it is much more pleasant to equip a bathroom so that it can become resemble a cozy and atmospheric spa. Then you can relax and enjoy a bubble bath or a contrast shower. A changing lifestyle creates the need for a relaxing spa-style atmosphere in your own home. Glass showers, jacuzzi, soft shades define todays image of a beautiful bathroom. So why not take a step forward and not add gilding and refinement to this interior? A stylish and elegant bathroom in classic style from Luxury Antonovich Design Company — this is what is popular today.

The bathroom is not the place where you expect to see an abundance of gilded or crystal decor, so it captures all the attention. It is this suddenness factor that makes chic decor and fit-out in the bathroom a spectacular addition. Of course, this design will take more time, but certainly it is worth the extra effort. Luxury Antonovich Design offers you a project of a beautiful bathroom that will push you to the right decision.


To achieve amazing beauty in the interior of the bathroom, our designers and decorators advise to adhere to some design solutions and arrangement methods :

— A beautiful bathroom should be made in two or three colors. The preference is given, of course, to light cream shades — beige, creamy, ivory.

— The centerpiece of the interior is the bathtub itself, which can be both white and dark contrasting color.

— An equally important element in the interior of Luxury Antonovich Design is the lighting, which adds character and personality to the bathroom design.

A large variety allows you to choose a stylish lighting option for every taste. In this case, not only aesthetics is important, but also functionality. The stylish bathroom designed by Luxury Antonovich Design Company is a room with multi-level lighting, which is a highlight of the interior and helps to visually enlarge the space. Design of a bathroom in classic style welcomes the presence of a window, the use of natural stone for fit-out and decoration, good stylish furniture, as well as gilding elements all over the interior. A beautiful classic bathroom from Luxury Antonovich Design combines convenience and luxury, as well as chic and functionality.

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