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Luxury Antonovich Design has been very well known in the international industry of Architectural and interior design as the company has set the highest level of standard towards every work execution whether it is for residential, commercial, hospitality, and other industrial structures with a very huge scope of architectural development, such as this architectural project that covers a full facility and structure of a huge company. Developing a huge architectural project like this was indeed the most challenging task for every architecture and design team as it has the most meticulous execution required that shall be done in the most accurate procedures. Only the most professional and skilled company has the full ability to execute such huge a project like this as it will be required in the full architectural and design development.

This huge architectural project has a very wide area that requires the most strategic and systematic planning. It will be taking a set of meetings and brainstorming along with the owner of the property to know the possible requirement and procedures on how to develop the full architectural project. It is consisting of a set of establishment in one huge area, including a set of office establishments, huge parking spaces, and an industrial facility. With such a huge project like this, it also requires a feasibility study wherein the full lot area shall be surveyed and estimated. Luxury Antonovich design provides full services and consultancy when it comes to full engineering for every architectural project.


• Architecture and engineering consultancy

• Technical and economic feasibility

• Preliminary studies

• Preparations for engineering design

• Tender analysis

• Supervision and construction

• Construction consultancy

• Interior designing


Luxury Antonovich Design team has its inhouse Engineers and architects that are very professional and skilled when it comes to developing the full architectural project design. The strategic planning would be the first stages of work to achieve the most desirable architectural design result. Project organizing is a growing field of inquiry and management practice where Luxury Antonovich Design shows its expert and professional skills. Our best Engineering Consultants organize a qualified project study that will determine whether the project is going to succeed. It is typically conducted before any steps are taken to move forward with a project, including planning. Such a study identifies the project market and highlights key goals for the project based on researches. Another important stage in developing a large architectural project is the management system. Luxury Antonovich design has the top reputable project managers that have the full ability to handle a huge architectural project such as this industrial type architecture. Creating a project plan is a complex process that will be aimed at determining and agreeing on the best method of action to achieve the goals of the project. In the course of planning, all factors of its implementation are taken into account by our Engineering Consultants. This is a complex, multi-criteria function, involving the consideration, analysis, and forecasting of several functional areas of the project.

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