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Magnificent Living Room Design

Living room interior design of the studio design in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design filled the luxury apartment with cozy and warm mood with a touch of laconism. Nice shades, from light beige to brown, prevail in the living room interior. The complex geometry of space, thanks to a spectacular design techniques looks very harmonious. In keeping with the trend towards open spaces, interior designers Dubai zoned interior with decoration of floors and ceilings. The ceiling is divided into niche of regular geometric shapes. Every niche is filled with tension ceilings of light brown colour. The glossy ceiling reflected charmingly stylish chandeliers. The fact that each chandelier’s pendant is attached to a separate subtlest rope, creating a beautiful effect of floating in space. This gentle and refined ceiling decor is continued with laconic floors. Luxury interior design involves the use of luxury materials. There on the floor natural marble of light shade is complemented with darker marble. With exquisite carvings authors of the project outlined the boundaries of each zone of the interior. Furniture is upholstered in noble creamy silk. To give the interior expressiveness, interior designers Dubai used in the decoration of the walls wood of valuable species, which is covered with a special varnish. The living room design is a unified with the design of the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen is more inclined to a minimalist style. Smooth glossy facades modestly and elegantly highlight the luxurious look of the living room.

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