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Bright individuality of the unique apartment interior in Dubai is based on a delicate and elegant character of the owner of the apartment. Interior with soft and comfortable notes has bright accents in the form of spectacular decor elements. Spacious living room sets a lovely and relaxing stay. On comfortable sofas, which are covered with delicate creamy silk velvet, you can admire the modern fireplace flames. A vivid and expressive interior is made with the marble floor with large curls of carved patterns. The kitchen is separated from the living room with sliding system made of transparent glass with an elegant pattern. Apartment interior design in Dubai reflects the trends of modern classics. The mood of softness and warmth is brought with soft wall panel in the wall decor. The space of the hall and living room is harmoniously combined into a single unit. Visually more spacious interior is made with light colors in the decoration of the walls and ceiling. The walls are decorated with silk white wallpaper with lace patterns that shimmer under the light pearlescent luster. The entrance doors are decorated with skillful handmade carved decor of oval medallions, which are decorated with textile panels with diamonds. Apartment Design Dubai expresses elegance, splendor and a sense of absolute comfort. In the hall at the wall, which is decorated with a large mirror panels with facet, interior designers Dubai offered a charming element as a soft semi-column. The semi-column is based on the pouf with forged base.

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