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Master Bedroom

Bedroom interior design harmoniously combined contemporary and classical art deco. In the room everything is created to serve as a feeling of absolute comfort. Interior designers Dubai create a luxury of a new era in which ingenious design ideas, time-tested traditions and modern technology are perfectly combined. Bedroom space is perfectly organized and highlights the advantages of the architectural layout. For bedroom a room with large corner windows was allocated. Therefore, in the bedroom interior curtains became very bright accent of festive mood. For curtains interior designer suggested noble silk of lilac shade. It embodies the perfect combination of tradition and innovation of the ceiling decor. Elegant chandelier in the style of Art Deco is located in the center of the medallion with stucco. This item is decorated with a large mirror panels with delicate swirls ornament. In this panel luxury bedroom interior reflects and everything is shining with mood of the eternal celebration of life. The bedroom interior lighting is complemented with small ceiling lights, which are placed evenly along broad snow-white molding. Bright and luxurious accents became elegant furniture. Comfortable bed is decorated with an exquisite headboard with carved decoration. The walls decoration perfectly combines silk wallpaper of lilac shade with silver ornaments and mirrored panels. Bedroom design combines elegance, nobility and enjoyable holiday with a cozy romantic mood.

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