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Kitchen Design in Oriental Style

Kitchen design in this project goes beyond the ordinary. The villa interior design in Dubai reflects the charm of the palatial luxury. And this charm is inherent in the whole house. The spacious kitchen is combined with the dining area. The facades of kitchen furniture are made of natural wood and inlaid with handmade carved decoration. Behind the luxurious facades, the most advanced storage systems and the latest kitchen appliances are hidden. Work surfaces, which are made of natural marble in a brown hue, are complemented with fragments of carved decoration, inlaid with malachite. Those emerald accents have become a highlight of this interior. On the marble floor, carvings with malachite inserts look delightful. The windows decoration is similar to these motifs. Curtains for the kitchen are made in the best traditions of the classic style. Curtains made of golden silk are complemented by soft lambrequins of silk in emerald hue. Kitchen design ideas give every meal solemnity and elegance. The dining area, which is located near the window, fully reflects the kindness and hospitality of the villa owners. Many chairs surround the large dining table with great backs, which are covered by imperial silk with printed patterns. The magnificence of the interior is complemented by the lush decor of the walls and ceiling. Carved decorations, elegant chandeliers, art painting. All this is the basis of the beautiful image of the luxury kitchen design.

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