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Topiary art and Landscaping

Landscape design became an integral part of each author's houses projects from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. Luxurious architectural image becomes even more beautiful and expressive, thanks to facet, which is an architectural landscape design in Dubai. The project of the elite restaurant is a complex of buildings, including the main building, underground parking, free-standing buildings with domed roofs. To emphasize the stylish and elegant image of the object, interior designers Dubai offered an exquisite landscape design in a classical style. A harmonious selection of green spaces is in harmony with sculptures such as fountains, decorative vases on the podiums, elegant street lamps with wrought iron elements and other details. Landscape design takes into account the purpose of the building. In this project there are paths, bridges, basins, so that visitors of the place could wonderful relax both inside and outside the building. An additional piece of landscape design, which makes it brighter and more festive, became modern lighting in the form of street lamps, spotlights and lights.

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