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House Designs in Doha

Grand in its scope house project in the Doha was created by designers of elite interiors studio Luxury Antonovich Design. Taking the best of what baroque, rococo, classic gave us and adding their innovative ideas, they created an interior that has become a true masterpiece of design art. Luxury interior design in the Doha corresponds to the spirit of luxury that is synonymous around the world with this country. The house design is a reflection of gentility and respectability of its owners, their refined taste and love of beauty. As the basis of the interior Doha designers took a snow-white range of shades, in which bright accents became painted panels, gilt and bright shades of fabrics.

The ground floor of the apartment combines hall, living room and dining room. Lush and elegant mood of the interior in the house the Doha is made by abundance of stucco decoration. Interior designers skillfully combine tradition and modern technology. Very bright it expresses luxurious ceiling décor. Magnificent mural art in the tradition of Renaissance and stucco accents are complemented by a line of LED backlighting. It reinforces the excellent game of light and shade, and fills the interior with new expressive notes. The artistic value of interior is emphasized with sculptures and original paintings on the walls. Interior design the Doha by Luxury Antonovich Design is distinguished by its special handwriting.

Each project has its own peculiarity, its own special charm. Each project design flooring is a work of art. In this interior the floors are made of natural marble adorned with the ornate carvings. Every corner of the house is gorgeous. Bathroom design in soft blue and gold colors represents the grandeur of luxury and comfort. In the house there is a large hookah room with a cozy environment, where you can enjoy spending time with friends. It is dominated by intense shades of red, filling the room with a cozy mood. Bedroom Interior design is like a reflection of paradise bushes. Silk swirls patterns, sculpture and painting are combined into a coherent picture with beautiful and tempting notes.

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