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Luxurious Residence in the Burj Khalifa

This is a grand-scale project of a luxurious residence in the Burj Khalifa. The owner expressed the wish to obtain a luxurious modern interior, where comfort was elevated to the absolute value, and every detail of the interior underlines its high status and respectability. Sufficiently large apartment opened scope for creativity of designers. The main role in the story of this luxurious interior is played by round living room. The floor is decorated with precious marble with carved patterns. In the center the ceiling is decorated with a massive crystal chandelier with waterfalls of pendants. The highlight of the living room interior became large round columns in light colors. This part of the interior forms a sense of stability and grandeur. And the beginning of the delightful story is in the luxury hall interior. Floor design made of precious marble with exquisite geometric design repeats on elegant walls decor. Bright accent in the hall interior became luxurious furniture in the style of visionary. In the living room interior design the floor picks up the theme of the ceiling decoration. The semi-circular portal of windows is curtained with light curtains of precious silk in bright colors. In this picture luxury and comfort semicircular sofas upholstered in velvet milky perfectly fit. Kitchen interior look majestic and dignified. Noble marble floors and decor in the working surfaces of the interior underlines the elite status, as well as elegant furniture with carved decoration. Apartment design in the Burj Khalifa represents the future of luxury and comfort.

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