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Bedroom Interior for Teen

Modern style with a touch of high-tech perfectly fits for the realization of this bedroom project. This bedroom is designed for the eldest son of the owners of the apartment. And if the whole apartment interior is made in a lush and elegant Art Deco style, in the bedroom interior for the teenager designers offered to withdraw completely from the overall design concept and devote dreams and desires of the owner of the room. The interior has an expressive and dynamic character. The dynamics of the interior is set with the original ceiling design. Glossy panel with an abstract pattern is surrounded by additional ceiling lights. The outlines of a decorative element visually repeat the perimeter of the sleeping area. Comfortable bed, which is covered with silk steel shade, look stylish at the background of artistic mural on a wall with a graphic image of the ship through the star chart. The interior is dominated by a nice range of cool colors. To smooth this sensation of coolness and to complement the bedroom interior with warmth, interior designers Dubai offered for decoration natural wood floor and a large fluffy carpet. These exquisite moments of the author's project emphasize the respectability of the apartment, keeping their stylistic orientation. Bedroom interior design also has excellent functionality and ergonomics. The furniture in cream colors with glossy and voluminous façades complement the interior with bright accents. The bright colors in the decoration of the walls visually expand the space.

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