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Cozy Living Room Interior

Perfect harmony and aesthetic perfection are inherent in every individual design project by studio Luxury Antonovich Design. Luxury interiors represent fashion trends of luxury and comfort. Villa design in Dubai has combined luxury space into one expressive image of modern classics with a touch of Art Deco. Living room design, as a rule, becomes the basis for a great story with a happy interior motives in each project. Living room interior has a light and airy mood. The interior is not overloaded with decor items and dominated by pleasant shades, which became the basis of affection and romantic charm of the interior. The apartment stylishly combines soft beige hues and deep purple color. In the windows decoration interior designers Dubai offered a nice noble silk of lilac hue, straight folds which succinctly framed translucent white tulle. A favorite spot for having rest in the living room is the fireplace with two armchairs upholstered in purple velvet. High white ceiling visually expands the space with elegant chandelier in the center, which around the perimeter is outlined with exquisite molding. The softness and warmth of the interior is provided with a great natural carpet and upholstered wall panels. Large sofa is upholstered in noble creamy velvet. Handmade embroidery with metallic thread and curly ornament underline the respectability of the cozy interior. Living room design delightfully reflects fine taste of the beautiful home owners. Interior adjusts to positive emotions and gives a sense of aesthetic pleasure.

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