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Luxury Bedroom Interior Dubai

In developing of the elite interior projects, we provide customers with highly professional interior visualization. 3D visualization of the bedroom interior allows you to see the details of its luxurious and unique appearance. Sunny mood is based on a pleasant range of colors and a large panoramic window. Curtained window with translucent white tulle and luxurious drapes of noble silk in chocolate hue. A modern classics in the works of design studio Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design necessarily imply accents of modern technology. Especially striking the ceiling decor expresses it. The deep niche around the perimeter is illuminated with a line of soft lighting. A grand chandelier in the center of the ceiling looks especially luxurious with curls on background of stucco decoration and additional lighting. In the best tradition of classical style with modern accents wall decor is made. Boiserie is filled with elite silk wallpaper, which is covered with delicate lace patterns. These patterns under the light of the chandelier or sunlight shimmer with soft pearly tints. It has become a wonderful tradition in the bedroom interior decoration to use natural wood floors. In this author's project of the luxurious bedroom floor is supplemented with vintage ornament great natural carpet. Bedroom Interior design sets a cozy and warm mood. Surrounded by exquisite decor elements a comfortable bed looks more charming, which is around the perimeter of the textile panel is decorated with a deep sink marks.

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