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Charming Interior Bedrooms

Extraordinary in its beauty bedroom interior design is offered by Luxury Antonovich Design studio in the luxury apartment. Elegant and sophisticated, stylish and bright interior with a particularly romantic charm delightfully reflects the character and personality traits of the owner of the apartment. The apartment design Dubai takes into account architectural layout of the apartment. And bedroom design particularly emphasized that in the corner of the room, there are two large windows. In order to make the interior image complete, interior designers Dubai place great comfortable bed on a low round podium in the corner between two windows. This solution has brought to the bedroom bright element of personality. Podium, like the floor, is decorated with flooring boards of wood of valuable species. The line LED illumination around the perimeter of the floor of the podium looks effectively. The configuration of the bed perfectly fits in this picture. Round bed is adorned with a high upholstered headboard carved with lace patterns. Blinds in the interior of noble silk of two hues, filling with cozy bedroom with mood and emphasizing its respectability. To create in the bedroom interior effect of absolute comfort interior designers Dubai include several additional items of upholstered furniture, upholstered in creamy velvet. The mood of tenderness and grace complement the decor with white swirls of ceiling moldings and refined chandeliers. Bedroom interior design deliciously repeats all motives of the apartment interior and at the same time has its own cozy and seductive mood.

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