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Prestige interior design at Dubai Blue Waters Apartment


Luxury Antonovich Design designers and architects are able to create a truly unique prestigious apartment interior from a standard layout. Skillfully combining similar in sound, but still different styles, our decorators are able to achieve a sense of individuality and the unique atmosphere of premises. The modern interior of apartment is made in classic for Dubai colors, and the modern style, taken by the designer as a basis, is very popular here.

Pearl-beige shades and dark contrasting details, as well as possible, remind of elegance. And all this modern romance looks great against the background of obvious functionality, and sometimes pragmatic interior. Adjusted light and thoughtful color accents in combination with extraordinary forms add to the apartment refinement and elegance.


The interior by Luxury Antonovich Design inherent elements of classic architecture and design. The palette of shades and color combinations — this is certainly an excellent design approach in the design of living space. As for fullness — it strikes with well-thought-out interior details and stylish furniture. Finishing of the apartment, literally, breaks out of the framework of calm and measured common space. Here, a riot of colors, a combination of textures and shapes, and an accent wall in the living room — all looks so original.

The main trends are preserved: both horizontal strokes and multi-level ceilings return to the interior reality set for this housing. With all the modern minimalism of furniture and components in decor, comfort in the interior consists of several components: naturalness of natural materials, softness in lighting and smooth transitions from one functional area to another. The weightlessness of the space adds an abundance of glass and accurate use of metal, and the combination of wood and stone. The interior takes into account all the wishes and preferences of the customer, but at the same time, the resulting luxury interior design is, after all, the fantasy of Luxury Antonovich Design designers. There is absolutely nothing superfluous, everything is thought out and balanced. The space is almost filled with a sense of comfort. Multi-level ceilings with different lighting add air, a bright shade of the floor and walls makes rooms wider, and the abundance of mirrors extends the apartment to infinity.

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