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Populent Interior Bedroom

The master bedroom in the elite mansion is ideally for the overall design of the interior concept in a classic style. Designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design create impeccable interiors in the classical style. Moreover, each project is unique and special in its beauty. A large space of the room, which was allocated for the project of a bedroom on the second floor, gave a large scope for the creativity of designers. The authors of the project conditionally divided the interior into three zones. Every detail is designed to create ideal comfort for the owners of the house. One of the rest zones is located by the window. Two comfortable chairs and a decorative table with a vase allow a cozy and comfortable rest, admiring the scenery outside the window or reading a book. A special approach of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design applies to the design of windows. The design of curtains in Dubai is famous for its unique solutions and impeccable embodiment. For this interior, textile designers offered curtains in the classic style of luxurious silk soft turquoise hue with printed ornaments. It is beautifully colored by a one-colored silk of bronze hue. An important role is played by the elements of decoration. The decoration of the window is impeccable and perfectly blended into the interior. In order to the interior with the three zones has its completeness, the designers unite it with the ceiling decor. The snow-white surface is outlined by a line of molding stucco decor and additional soft backlighting. Two crystal chandeliers fill the interior with enough light. For watching favorite films, for the owners, a rest area with a sofa and a plasma panel was provided. And the epicenter of the beauty in the bedroom interior was a comfortable bed with a velvet panel behind its headboard.

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