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Luxury pool design

A large and luxurious pool in the own house, it is one of the main wishes of our customers.For the pool, the architectural design project of the building provides a large premise on the first floor. The interior design concept of the villa in classic style from Antonovich Design has found its continuation in the interior of the pool.Each detail of the decor is designed to give aesthetic and sensual pleasure. The large bowl of the pool is laid with a mosaic tile of ultramarine hue. In such bowl, water will always resemble the blue waters of a paradise lagoon on tropical islands. Thanks to the ceiling decoration, the pool interior gained a slightly romantic charm.The ceiling was decorated with an art painting in the form of a blue sky with light clouds.To create the effect of presence on the azure coast, one of the walls in the interior was decorated with a large art painting with an image of a sea view.Green plants, additional backlighting and the drawing itself with perspective create a beautiful effect of the reality of this beautiful landscape.The bowl of the pool is surrounded by a floor made of natural marble with beautiful carved patterns. In the interior very harmoniously looks a large plasma panel. Interior designers subtly emphasized the elite status of the interior with the help of such details as forged gilt balustrades at the entrance to the pool and luxurious chandeliers.The majestic and luxurious design of the pool perfectly harmonizes with the overall respectable and aristocratic image of the interior of the elite house.

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