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The interior design of the restaurant should be as interesting, comfortable and unique for the guests of the institution. Professional design of the restaurant requires not only interior designers and architects, but also engineers, technologists and marketing specialists. A team of professionals from the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design will create a design project for the restaurant, which will become a place where its visitors will have a pleasant rest and impressions.

Luxury Antonovich Design company provides services in the field of design and production of commercial interiors. Our objects of design are: restaurants, cafes, shops, hotel complexes, offices, beauty salons, spa centers. Our design company has its own workshop for metal structures, a carpentry workshop, a studio for sewing curtains and textile decor, as well as a custom furniture production. Our expert masters in the field of engineering networks and repair and construction work are experienced professionals.


The main difference between a commercial interior and a residential one is that a commercial interior requires a more detailed study of the concept. The main focus is on individual details, the development of furniture and the general corporate identity. A significant part of the work on the commercial interior by Luxury Antonovich Design is technology development, process optimization, flow routing. For all our projects, we try to come up with exclusive furniture and decor. Luxury Antonovich Design provides furniture production from prototype design to full launch in circulation. Furniture plays an important role in equipping restaurants, comfortable tables and sofas, colors all these wake up the appetite of visitors, and the entrance group of the restaurant is welcoming and pleasant.

Functionality, aesthetics, originality — these are the basic principles that guide the company Luxury Antonovich Design, developing the interiors of cafes and restaurants. We do not forget the designers and current trends, because the institution should be attractive to the most picky customers.

At the heart of the interior concept is always a strong idea. Our team takes into account trends and determines the strength of the room. In addition to developing the interior design of the restaurant, Luxury Antonovich Design team takes into account the technical side. In the bars, cafes and restaurants should be good ventilation, sound insulation and acoustics, properly placed and selected technological equipment of the kitchen. Experienced technologists of our company will select the necessary set of equipment for your needs and develop the optimal layout for your room. We will also carry out plans for linking equipment to all networks: electrical, water supply, sewage, ventilation.

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