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Commercial spaces are for businesses of different concepts. These are categorized as offices, banks, malls, spa, clubs, restaurants and more. Aside from designing residential homes, commercial businesses are also one of Luxury Antonovich design's expertise. The elevated style and functionality are also important when it comes to commercial interior design. Our developers know the workarounds and the construction flow of how the design will incorporate with the client's business. 

What we do

Our professionals are trained to create a safe, and functional commercial space that will match the business aesthetics of the clients. The images shown above is a mixture of different business models that are well curated to match their taste. We aim to wow the guests and make their stay or accommodation unforgettable. We complete a plan of which the requirements of our clients are met. Our involvement with the construction and development of your commercial spaces including all architecture and interior detailing are on top most priority. 

Top-Notch hotels

In the middle of a busy city, Interior elements of the Luxury Hotel Designs has some deco details that is classy and luxurious that scales to magnify the beauty and the imagery of a high-class hotel. The meticulous design with intricate details elevates the hotel's aesthetics. 

Relaxing Spa Interiors

Wellness, rest, and relaxation. These are the main objectives of a spa. While it is important to focus on your services, this business requires a beautiful interior design to reflect the relaxing and luxurious feel of the spa. The rhythmic and the harmonization of the interior design and the fixtures added creates a wholly modern and indulging interior design. 

Restaurant Interiors

It is true that more over than food, the restaurant ambiance is now also considered when it comes to choosing restaurants. With our unique and one-of-a-kind restaurant designs, you'll be able to attract more customers to dine. We make sure to build you a pleasant atmosphere for your restaurant that will suit the theme that you like. IT can be classic, modern, industrial, it really depends on your needs and requirements. 

Elegant office

A relaxing work environment is more than just the people around. It is also important to have a working space that is pleasing to the eyes to make your work environment stress free and positive. We make sure to curate a well-shaped office that will give you a great energy flow in your office. Considering every space should leave the best impredssion not just to your employees but also to the clients that you'll be entertaining in your office space. 

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