• the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
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The mood of inspiration, concentration, seriousness and, at the same time, the warmth of home comfort and perfect harmony. It was these moments that interior designers tried to combine when decorating the home office space. A noble, elegant classical style filled the interior of the home office with perfectly right mood. If we look at the details of the decor, we will see many interesting and exquisite moments. So, for example, interior designers proposed to decorate the interior with luxurious silk wallpaper of ash-lilac shade, on which a large floral ornament shimmers with a pearl luster. Wallpaper filled decor panels, which framed very elegant pilasters with gilding in the form of thin vertical lines. Window decor. Curtains in neoclassic style from natural monophonic silk brought a mood of freshness and warmth of home comfort to the room. Upholstered furniture in upholstery made of genuine leather with a light beige shade hints at the respectability of this house. A light soft furniture exquisitely contrasted with a beautiful work table of dark wood. Furniture with its shades in perfect harmony with upholstered furniture, and with a table. In the decor of the ceiling, there is also an elegant restraint and elegance. The niche inside is decorated with a diamond-shaped ornament. The soft LED lighting line and the classic chandelier fit perfectly into the interior of the home office in classic style with a hint of the English classic style. 

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