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    Business bay, Dubai
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Office design

The inspirational, respectable and luxurious interior of the home office was created by the designers of Antonovic Design Studio for the owner of an elite residence. They had the task of creating both a working and a home environment. The customer spends a lot of time doing business. The working home office became a laconic continuation of the interior design of the house in the classical style. It is a single space with a hall on the second floor. The highlight of the interior was a large panoramic semi-circular window. Designers have suggested to decorate it with velvet curtains in cream colors. Soft drapery, beautiful holders, and exquisite finish give the windows a smart and respectable look. Complemented the beautiful view on the window a luxurious curbstone with vases. In the center of this composition is a desk made of natural wood, which is encrusted with carved decorations with gilding. Luxury cabinets for books and documents are also complemented with carved decor and gilding. In this interior, there is a combination of business and solemn atmosphere. The natural marble on the floor with carved patterns look very beautiful. Sliding entrance doors to the office are decorated with beautiful stained-glass windows. This is an interesting solution that combines classic style and art deco style in the interior of the office. With the doors open, a beautiful view opens onto the hall with a luxurious staircase, marble columns, and comfortable furniture. Here you can comfortably relax and rest.

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