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    Business bay, Dubai
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Best Office design Nigeria

The way to success always begins with hard work, inspiration, and talent. And on top of success, we are always filled with a sense of celebration. For the owner of this luxurious office, success is expressed in the daily process of working on projects. And, so that each idea quickly reflected in the record, so that every business meeting was held in the right atmosphere, and that the minutes of both work and leisure were most effective, the owner of an elite villa ordered office design from one of the best designers of the world, Katrina Antonovich. This talented businesswoman knows more than anyone else how important is the correct interior design of the office for success and victories. This interior design of the office in the classic style maximizes the success and high status of its owner. And, undoubtedly, the main violin in the creation of the image was played by luxurious Italian furniture and decor of natural wood. Furniture items are generously encrusted with rare wood species with carvings of handwork with gilding. Handrails chairs with carved figures of golden lions send us to an interesting era of the Empire and Napoleon. In this space, everything sets exclusively for success and victory. The ceiling is fully decorated with dark wood with elegant inlaid of the carved decor covered with gold. These motifs continued in the luxurious carved molding. Showcases for documents and books perfectly fit in the general mood of the interior. Home warmth and comfort are set by beautiful classic curtains. 

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