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Royal Majlis Design

Arabic Majilis interior design is a perfect combination of Eastern traditions and elite design. Every detail of the interior carries a special symbolic meaning. The soft colors present in the Royal Majlis Design: sandy, palette of brown shades and deep blue. A lovely style of the East has the indescribable magic of beauty. The atmosphere of this room has peaceful, soothing features. A weightless of netting, fabulous designs are peculiar to Majlis Style. A lot of attention is paid to the fabric of decor. The blinds in the interior are colorful with tassels and the gold embroidering. Naturality, luxury - keywords for the choice of fabrics for the cushions and upholstery. A large number of decorative elements is specifically to Arabic royal Majlis design. Low tables, cushions, water pipes, trays, jugs with a thin neck will decorate the space. The arched ceilings, archways are essential elements of the Arabic Interior. The light plays an important role in the room. It emphasizes the importance of each decor element. Floor marble covering attracts the attention of the real connoisseurs. Marble belongs to the category of coatings from natural stone, which is characterized by its beauty and high quality. Royal interior Majlis from the architectural company Luxury Antonovich Design is saturated with the comfort of house and home. You will feel satisfaction in this fabulous space. The design studio Luxury Antonovich Design will take you to a fairy tale, in which you will feel like royalty. 


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