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Let us once again plunge into the world of beautiful classic and enjoy interior features of the dream house plans. Every corner of the room, every detail of the decor just catch the eye and give a sense of aesthetic pleasure.  After all, everything is flawless and perfect. The basis of the best living room designs color scheme made pearl and blue colors, in which interior designers have added exquisite gilt accents.Modern technology, which we actively use in our work, allows to anew open such a luxury and time-tested style as a classic living room plan. Especially these new technologies affect the ways of lighting today. After all, hundreds of years, people had resorted to the help of chandeliers with real candles.Today, not only the ceilings but also the walls and furniture with the help of LED lighting are illuminated.And in this wonderful interior, in the walls decor, through the forged gold ornaments a soft glow penetrate into the room.Coffee Tables bases are also illuminated from the inside, creating a beautiful effect of lightness and airiness. Oval stucco medallions, by which are filled boiserie, in perfect harmony with arched windows living room paint. Luxury Italian curtains with stiff lambrequins worthily have decorated the home design images. Curtains design has become an important way to create a truly cozy space.Such exquisite details like fringe, soft holders, gold embroidery, gives to the windows decoration simultaneously charming and respectable look. Luxury Italian furniture created a comfortable base for a pleasant stay in the circle of family and friends in the designs for living room.


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