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Palatial Majlis

Oriental style in the interiors is considered the most mysterious and romantic.For Europeans, the style associated with the tradition of eastern culture and motifs such as the hospitality and cordiality and the desire to surround themselves with luxury and rich decoration. It is these features of the interior reflects the luxurious living room in oriental style, which was created by the designers of studio Antonovich Design.With all the observance of the canons of the Arabic style, the living room interior has a very bright and individual character.Creative ideas of designers, which they proposed for the project, contribute to this.The decoration of the ceiling there are motifs of Arabian ornaments. A traditional chandelier we have proposed to be replaced by the modern ceiling lights that are placed around the perimeter of the ceiling. Thus, we achieve the proper and even illumination. But since only the lamps, in any case, would not be enough, one of the ways additionally illuminate the interior of the living room was the wall decor.One can safely say that the wall decor has become the main decoration room.Here there is a wonderful interweaving of oriental style, classic style, and Art Deco style. From classic style, the interior room got graceful pilasters with stuccoed capitals. In the spirit of Art Deco, decor panels are made with backlight and wrought-iron accents of brass.Mirrors are always in interior design the best way to visually expand the space. Arabic motifs present also in textile design elements. Special furniture arrangement corresponds to the traditions of oriental living rooms.

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