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Classic Majlis Design

Elegance, elegant, refinement. That is how you can describe this beautiful interior of the living room in a classic style. A timeless classic in the works of talented designers the studio Laksheri Antonovich Design acquires a special charm and aristocratic refinement. Every detail, every square centimeter is important in creating a solid and artistically expressive image. The decoration of the walls in the best tradition of the classic style of the interior is decorated with exquisite pilasters with stucco and gilding. The basis of the design of walls was decorative plaster of creamy tone. Against this restrained and noble background looks great paintings and classic lamps. To dilute this restraint interior, designers complement the decor of the walls by mirrors inserts and narrow stained-glass windows made of brass with backlight. Noble restraint inherent also to the ceiling decor. Multilevel niche delimited by lines of illumination. Elegant crystal chandelier surrounded by extra spotlights. Flooring from light-colored marble, with elegant swirls patterns, carved in stone of several rocks to bring to the interior a touch of glamor and glitz. Furniture arrangement became the basis for maximum comfort and proper organization of the beautiful interior of the living room space. Soft sofas on gracefully curved legs are covered with beautiful fabric with printed patterns. Next to each sofa placed the snow-white coffee table. This corresponds to the tradition of oriental hospitality when the house is always welcome guests and are ready to offer the best of everything.


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